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Valentines - guys like it too, especially if it's a cookie

For years I struggled with what to give a guy for Valentine's Day. I don't think only women should get a card or gift - love isn't a one way street and giving Valentine's gifts shouldn't be either. But finding the right thing to give a guy is a real challenge. Everything Valentine seems to be geared toward women, and the few items you'll find for a man seem to be more of a joke gift.

So after years of serious research into what people really want I've come up with a perfect solution: cookies. Yes, cookies. Everyone loves cookies. When they're rich, delicious and beautifully decorated they are simply perfect bits of joy. Men, women, and kids love them. And unlike a stale box of grocery store chocolates, there is never a lone cookie left on a plate. 

Now about that research.... basically it comes down to watching thousands of people make selections from an appetizer buffet. Virtually every time a guy will go for a cookie over any other sweet. Why? They're incredibly snackable, portable and not messy. They might bring up happy childhood memories of fresh baked cookies. They look good, taste good and go with everything from coffee to champagne. Got milk?

Cookies do double duty - they're yummy and they can be iced with a name to customize them or even a short message. In fact I think nothing says "I love you" like a great dark chocolate cookie, especially if it's personalized in icing. 

My favorite cookies are shaped cookies. They're just fun. A round cookie is, well, just round. Shaped cookies are symbols of the season, they are whimsical and can be decorated in a thousand ways. Cookies are perfect for Valentines. I've been making heart-shaped cookies for weeks now, they're Edmund's favorites. And I'll be making plenty for Valentine orders... I just have to make extras to keep Edmund stocked in cookies.