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Just peachy

peach daquiri on the porch - pure summer!

I use local farms for fruits and veggies for Exuberance whenever possible. When things are in high season it's incomparable to get produce that was picked THAT MORNING. A tomato off the vine tastes like candy. Peaches off the tree taste like... well, not like the peaches lots of us (including me) grew up with those scary yellow crescents in a can. From a tree they taste like August, all sweet and fresh and warm and luscious.

We've been doing peach daquiris, peach cobbler, peach pie, peach salsa and just about anything else you can think of for the past month. Haven't gotten tired of them yet! I have managed to set aside in the freezer a few pounds of peaches that I'll whip out when it is cold and dreary. It will be like instant August.

At my house I have a small peach tree, it produces just enough for Edmund and I to gorge ourselves on whatever peach-related food I can come up with. Edmund's a great tester - being a vegetarian he's tried nearly every fruit-veggie combination out there and relishes fresh foods.

Relish... yes! Perhaps I should go into the kitchen now and make a peach relish for a nice pork roast. (And for Edmund I'll top a Field Roast with it). Everything's just peachy.