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Equinox Picnic

Veggie Hero Sandwiches

There is something magical about the approach of the Equinox. Day and night are evening out and I'm scrambling to capture as much of the last of the summer produce as I can. The huge harvest of tomatoes this year has been captured in dried tomatoes and chutneys we'll use throughout the year to bring a bit of summer back into our recipes. I am restraining myself from picking the beautiful gourds and pumpkins just yet, but these harbingers of fall will be used in soups and side dishes for fall dinners.

For a few days everything in the farms and gardens is in a perfect balance and harmony. The scorching heat of June, July and August is past, and the rains have yet to come. It's a perfect time for a picnic. Today I'll gather up some of the produce from my own garden and make Veggie Hero Sandwiches, pack a bottle of wine, and go to Sauvie Island for such a picnic. We'll stop at my favorite farm and select from the enormous bins of crisp apples and pears and the picnic will be complete.

Enjoy the summer while it lasts, and embrace autumn when it comes. There is something wonderful in the foods of each season - and we'll bring it to you in our menus throughout the year.